Where to advertise your physical book!

Hey everyone! trying to get your written book seen? Try this one on for size. Showcase your physical book with other indie authors in a display window at our local mall! this weekend we are having a home and garden show. Lot’s of vendors and visitors will see your book! Only $5.00 a month whether you have one book or ten! A landing page directs the curious buyer to where they can get an ebook copy of your book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or wherever you have your ebooks sold through.  So check it out and let others know!  Iowa Book SourceIowa Book Source display window

Like what you see? Every two weeks or so I will change out the decorations to keep it fresh and appealing to the eye.  Have a great day all!

Iowa Book Source is live!

Iowa Book Source SignIowa Book Source display window

Here is the sign in the window and here is my display window. If you are an author and would like to get your book in front of people in this display window and an ebook link where the person can buy it just let me know! Continue reading

Waiting to Be Inspired to Write? You’ve Got It Backwards!

Bane of Your Resistance

How would you feel if you were playing hide-and-seek and no one came to find you?

What if it turned out you were “It” and everyone else was waiting for you to find them?

Are you playing a backwards game of hide-and-seek with your writing? Are you hiding, waiting for inspiration to find you when you should be out looking for inspiration?

If you’re waiting to write, you’ve got it backwards.

We don’t write because we’re inspired – we get inspired because we write.

We don’t write because we finally figured out what to say – we figure out what to write as we write.

We don’t write when the resistance goes away – the resistance goes away when we write.

We don’t write when the time is perfect – time becomes perfect when we write.

Simple Solutions

The next time you notice you’re waiting for inspiration, consider who or…

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Short Story: Lerdrin’s Rings

Author Matthew Davenport

Sprinting through the woods was easy enough. If one was so inclined they could find themselves a sort of path that maybe animals or whatnot might frequent and avoiding branches and the like wouldn’t become an issue. The problem arose from when one was being chased. As was the case with Lerdrin.

Lerdrin had, up until this particular day, been more or less ignored. Having lived on the streets in Cardenshire for the last several years, he was the kind of man that you’d hire for a small job that would only last a few hours. Jobs such as pushing carts, emptying caravans, shoveling stables, or helping a family move (never pack, as everyone assumed, correctly, that Lerdrin was quite fast with his hands).

Assumptions what they were, Lerdrin wasn’t just quite fast with his hands, he was a former entertainer, from years long gone. In his youth, he’d entertained…

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The Window Pane