Review: Lucifer’s Star

Author Matthew Davenport

Lucifer's StarI was going to introduce this review with a comparison to all of the works that Lucifer’s Star reminded me of, but, while there are so many of them, not a single one can be used to give you a good sense of what this book is about.
Lucifer’s Star follows Cassius Mass, a former member of a royal house with huge political sway that they use to wage war. The world building in this book was amazing and we see a lot of detailed explanations in the interplanetary relationships as well as the individual cultures, all without taking away from the main story by being too filled with description. The descriptors come out naturally.
Cassius is a clone of the sovereign, with cybernetic implants to make him the perfect warrior, the perfect royal heir, and the perfect sexual partner. Each of these lending itself toward complicating his life more…

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What a month it has been!

Well, it’s been a heck of a month let me tell you! I went to the Des Moines Comic Con last month as a vendor and the very first day on my way there I get into an accident that totals my car. Yep, it’s toast. I’m o.k. shook up, but o.k. So my son who was at work was scared I was hurt more I was saying so took the rest of the day off to help me and keep a very close eye on me. Now I know how my kids feel when I eagle eye watched them after they were hurt. So then begins my trek to find another car for less than $2,000. Miracle of miracles I found one! I found a 89 Ford ranger and I love it! clean engine, drives good and shifts great! Yes, it’s a stick.

My friend broke her ankle and has been laid up for 2 weeks so far. She had pins and plates put in so yeah, she is gonna be off for a while longer too. She is so not used to this! But I’ve been going over to help her when I can and how I can with laundry, dog, cleaning and such.

My mom had a little tiny bit of a stroke the other week, scared the jeepers out of me. It only lasted about 10 minutes and then was gone. Stayed with her for a couple of hours but she was fine.

On the business side, I am now working on setting up a new and improved website for the Iowa Book Source page. It’s now on because I realised when you abbreviate it to IBS, to me that is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So we changed it. Jan is helping me do it and she is doing an amazing job on the site! It looks so much better than it did before! I did screw up and add the books to the old new site by accident instead of the new new site. So I got to add all the books twice. But it’s done. I’m also going to be running another website that was started by someone else and I was told it was available if I wanted it. So I took over

Working on getting it worked around and up and running. Trying to work out a few kinks like pricing and the tier as to what would go into each tier for the pricing and quantity of items to go with it. I want to attract sponsors too, but right now I can’t afford to pay to have another site sponsor ours, but I can do a trade with them, I can put a link with their banner or logo on my two pages that I am running in exchange for putting ours on theirs too. We shall see how it goes. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Blessings.

Book Signing Season

Author Sue Raymond/Lady Laindora

Hello everyone, once again it is book signing season. I had a terrific time at Wizard World in Des Moines, Iowa May 19th through 21st.

I will be at the following book signings. Come and join in on the fun and get the newest novel of mine. I even have my fantasy ‘Healer of Surflex’ on audio through

Wild Wood Reads at Deadwood SD—June 10  10 to 2 pm.  at 22 Lee Street, Deadwood SD

Ericon lll—June 24th 9:00am at 702 Greene Street, Boone Iowa I believe

GoodGals– June30th through July 2nd at the Iowa State Fair Grounds, Des Moines, Iowa

Four Seasons Festival— July 14th through 16th at Polk City town center square, Polk City Iowa

Romance Rendezvous 3—- September 16th 11 to 2 at the Hilton Garden Inn 7213 Nordic Dr.  Cedar Falls, Iowa

Iowa Author Fest—September 23rd 11 to 3 at Jasper Winery 2400 George Flagg…

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I wasn’t here

Jane Dougherty Writes


I wasn’t here when you said goodbye,

Dark storm clouds hid the sun in the sky,

Rain on my face made me want to cry.

Light as swansdown, when you closed the door,

My heart was tossed by a tom cat’s paw—

He tapped and chased it across the floor.

I wouldn’t see how the darkness grew,

How your silhouette, deep shadows strewed,

I loved you still, though you never knew.

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Self-Published Authors are Real

Tricia Drammeh

ID-100177630 Photo credit: Image ID10017763 by stockimages

Oh yes. I’m feeling a bit ranty this week, which would explain the frequent blogging, I suppose. I’ve penned similar posts in the past. Hell, you have probably blogged about this too. I think nearly every self-published author has. Well, it’s time to say it again:

I am self-published and I am a REAL author. 

There are some folks out there who will tell us self-publishing isn’t legit because we bypassed the gatekeepers (agents and big publishers), but I didn’t write my books for agents and publishers – I wrote them for readers. While agents and publishers might not respond to a query letter, leaving you to wonder if they hated the idea of your book, or if they just never got your email, the readers are not shy about telling you what they think when they review your book. In the end, readers…

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Fat Girl Begone!

Brayton's Briefs

Fat Girl Begone Button 300 x 225So, this morning, I’m not surprised when the guest author shows up at my doorstep. Yes, this time she was expected. I’m all ready to whisk her away to destination unknown (her choice) and conduct an interview, but instead, she shows my her guest blog.

“But, I had an interview all ready for you. We’ll sit on the beach or at a bistro or on top of a tall mountain-”

“Please!” she drawls. “I’m am not going up any mountain, least not today.”


And, you know what happens next. Yep, I’m nudged aside and she sits at my new laptop and, well, no mountain top for me today.


Readers, reviewers, family members – let’s just say pretty much everyone – assumes that writers use the people they know as characters in their novels. Friends and acquaintances will spend hours debating which character was them. The discussions can get…

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