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Mother Son Writing Team Hits the Big Time!

When Wendy Siefken and her son, Charles first sat down to pen the story of “Kai’s Journey” they had no idea it would lead to an opportunity to be entered into the hottest new contest for author’s titled “Writer’s Got Talent” Sponsored by Bruce Goldwell.

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This week there is a special treat for all the readers! The first chapters of the remaining contestant’s books are up for your judgment! Here is the readers chance to judge for yourselves whether or not you would like to read more of the story each contestant has submitted. The remaining authors are listed as follows;

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Vanessa Castillo Kimball – http://pinterest.com/pin/549439223259105255/

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Kai's Journey (The New World Chronicles)

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Kai's Journey

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Kai’s Journey – Charles & Wendy Siefken

by Page Bookshelf Central on Sunday, March 18, 2012 at 10:20am ·
“Kai’s Journey” is a story about a young man, set ten years in the future. Kai has spent those years fighting for survival and trying to find a way rid the world of the disease his father created.. His father was a military scientist charged with the task of perfecting a formula that would create a superior breed of soldiers. Kai’s father accidentally created a race of zombies. Like a virus, it soon spreads to the entire world, unleashing a period of unsurpassed chaos and conflict. In the midst of this turmoil, Kai comes across a young woman named Clover, who is part of a clan traveling across the United States to try to find what is left of humanity. Clover is a part of a clan of werewolves who can turn at will but aren’t blood thirsty savages as depicted in general history. . Along the way Kai and Clover come across stragglers who join with the group as they journey across the upper part of what used to be known as North America.One night while Kai and Clover were watching a meteor shower they meet a group totally out of this world. Kai and Clover begin a heroic journey, fueled by the increasingly dim hope that somehow, the human race will have a chance to start over.

From the title I expected a story along the same lines as The kite runner, but oh no this is definately nothing like that. This is a story of a quest; a quest to cure a disease and rid the world of zombies and Kai, for reasons that will be made clear in the book, is the one who feels he must carry out this quest. A thrilling book and that is praise indeed as I don’t normally read or watch anything to do with zombies.

We have an article in the Marshall Times, its an insert in the Marshalltown Times Republican. Its a local news paper. I really do like how Mike Donahey did the article too. Very well done! I was so excited I was all giggly at the gas station! not a normal mood for me to be in,, (Giggly) that is.. but was just excited to see my son in the paper and our book being out there! awesome!

Fire Heart

Fire Heart

The fire was raining down from the sky. At the last of the light of dusk a long low wail rose from the forest of ash. It was a dragon trying to save his rider as the life energy slowly ebbed from her body. “I am so cold” she whispered to Fire heart. Her body spasmed and curled closer to the dragon. “Hold on, i can save you. I just need my magic back.” Fire heart cried to her. The battle they had just fought had drained him of most of his magic. As with all things he needed to rest to restore it. “It’s too late for that.” she said softly to him, with shaking hands she touched his strong chin with hard scales of deep green as if trying to take the memory with her to the afterlife. “Don’t go after him alone, please.” she said to him as her eyes closed and her grip softened. Sensing the sudden loss of life energy, Fire heart pooled his very little remaining magic into her. He felt her hand tighten a little. Her eyes opened slowly and she whispered, ” promise me, promise me that you wont go after him alone.” Slowly he nodded his head in agreement. Feeling his energy sustaining her, she found her sword and held it tight as she cut him off mentally and used the last of all she had to magically imbue her sword to pick his next rider. With a soft sigh she breathed no more. The air was rent with the sound of Fire heart mourning the loss of his beloved rider. Fire heart put all of his pain and sorrow into his song of loss. His song stirred the trees and sent up clouds of ash long into the night and into the early morning light of a new day.

By late morning his throat was raw and his voice was almost gone. Fire heart fell into a dreamless sleep. He slept curled around her body protecting it while he was in a deep dreamless sleep. He slept for two days and two nights. When the moon was full he woke to the sound of a soft thump, thump, thump. The sound was getting fainter as he listened. Slowly he opened his eyes to see what looked like a tree swaying in the wind. He looked again and could see that the tree was carrying his beloved rider away. He could see her hair swaying in the breeze as she was being carried away. He quickly looked where her body had been, surely this was only a dream. She was gone! Quickly he got up and went after the tree that he had seen. She would be easy to spot since all the other trees in the area had been stripped bare by the raining fire. The tree he saw had all of its leaves on it. Rage filled his body as he tried to get up to go after her. His body was spent though from the previous battle and then mourning the loss of his rider. Slowly he got to his feet and walked after the tree. He could see her just ahead of him. Fire heart could barely walk let alone run after the forest guardian of old. He followed a bit behind her trying to just keep up and put one foot in front of the other. The dead trees seemed to be moving closer together, making it harder to follow. With a mighty lunge he jumped clumsily into the air barely making it above the trees. Something landed on his back with a thump that made him loose his height and land clumsily in the branches of a weeping willow. Still exhausted from the battle and the loss he gave in as the tree wove a cradle for the dragon to sleep in. Just before he drifted off to sleep he whispered her name, ” Calea, I’m sorry.”
Eve, the tree girl, who had been clinging desperately to his neck spike on his back as the dragon had wobbled violently before landing in the tree, had summoned all of her nature magic to cause the tree to make the cradle for the dragon to sleep in. Slowly with the body of Calea still in her arms she climbed down gently to continue with her purpose. Eve was a tree Ent. It was the job of Ents to collect dragons and riders who had passed away. Ent’s took the bodies to be buried in the mountain with no name. No one knows the way except for the Ents. The branches of the willow that now cradled the dragon eased her to the ground with her burden. Eve continued on to the mountain to place Calea inside. Calea was laid to rest with the other dragons and their riders in a beautiful crystalline mausoleum where they never change. They remain the same as when they passed. Eve finally finished arranging her so she looked as if she might have fallen asleep. Eve left the mountain to go back to the dragon and care for him. She stayed with him as he slept. After several more days, Eve was starting to worry about the dragon. “surely he should wake soon. He will need nourishment soon.” She thought. Eve had the tree that the dragon slept in cause more branches to cover Fire heart even more so that anyone passing would only see a large willow tree. Eve left the dragon to speak to the elder Ents. Eve approached the oldest and wisest of the Ents and softly said, “Elder Willow?” Nothing. Eve spoke a little louder this time and said again, “Elder Willow?” Elder Willow was a small old tree whose branches were knarled and twisted with age. Suddenly she stirred from her restful slumber. “Yes Eve?” Elder Willow said in a soft and wispy voice. Eve drew closer and spoke, “I am sorry for bothering you Elder Willow but I have a dilemma. There is a dragon whose rider has passed away. I have taken the rider to the place of rest but the dragon is grieving so that I fear he will die if he does not wake soon and eat or drink.” The elder Willow sighed a deep sigh and said to Eve, “My child you are correct in thinking that the dragon could grieve himself into death. When a dragon looses his rider to death its like a part of them has died also. I think the dragon will wake soon and we must be there to offer food and drink when he awakens.” Eve, Elder Willow and several of the others gathered food and drink for the dragon and headed towards him when Elder Willow cried out, “wait!” Quickly all the Ent’s turned themselves back into trees. Eve called softly to Elder Willow, “Willow! help me! I cannot change!” Soon there were only trees where moments before the Ent’s had stood. A dark shadow flew over head above them. The Ents below could feel the evil and anger that the medium sized black dragon and its large human rider were emanating. They circled the area twice as if searching for something before moving on.
The Ents started moving again. This time with a watchful eye towards the sky and the area around them. When they reached the tree where the dragon still slumbered they began to rustle the leaves as they climbed the vines towards him. Slowly Eve undid her magic and lowered the sleeping dragon to the ground. He stared to awake with sleepy eyes that didn’t want to open. As they slowly slid open to reveal blurry images. All he could see was the flutter of leaves and several he could hear animal sounds. Slowly his surroundings came into focus and only saw trees or what looked like trees. When he realized he was in the gardens of old. Slowly and shakily he got to his feet and dipped his head in a low dragon bow. The sounds stopped and he looked up to see Eve and other Ents gathered around him.
“My name is Eve, we mean you no harm. How did you come to be here?” Eve asked walking up to Fire heart. Fire heart looked at her sadly and told her his name and how he came to be there. “My rider, was there a pack with her? A sword also? I need those things so I can find my new rider. I made a promise.” Fire heart said with a heavy heart. Willow came forward with a bundle in his arms and held them out for Eve to take. Eve picked up the satchel and the sword which still bore the blood of the previous fight. As soon as Eve touched the sword she felt it. She felt the pain of the loss of Fire heart. She felt his sadness and his breathing. She felt every part of his body and knew now where some of the wounds were. Fire heart looked at her and knew that he was looking at his new rider. He too felt everything that she had felt. They had bonded.



The mother dragon was dying. With the last of her strength, she clutched her egg, she flew to the one place she knew her egg would be safe. They were called the Dragon Monks. Their deity is a dragon. She knew that he would be by the west wall this time of day tending to the little flower garden there. It was behind some trees so she knew she could give him her precious egg and no one would see.
The sun had just set when she landed beside the wall exhausted. No one had seen or heard her. Quietly she walked closer to the wall and listened for Brother James. She knew that he came to the wall on the inside of the monastery everyday to tend to the flower garden.
She could feel the strength draining from her body. She knew death was only hours away. All dragons knew when their death was upon them. After a few moments she heard the sound of Brother James working the soil with his garden tool. With only her mind she spoke to him, “Brother James, I need your help.” she said leaning heavily against the wall.
She heard his hurried footsteps as he went to a doorway not far from where his flower garden was. Soon he was beside her.
“Aldea, you are hurt! I will go get the others and we can help you!” Brother James said with alarm in his voice.
Aldea stopped him with her paw and said, “No, there is no time for that. You must take my egg. It must be protected. Take the egg inside and protect it. Hurry, the Dark Knight who hunts me is not far behind.”
Aldea slipped the egg into Brother James’s hands and quickly slipped away into the night. Brother James made to stop her but she was gone too quickly. He hurried inside the monastery and went to the main temple.
The Deity was a large statue made from white marble with rubies for eyes. It’s hands were outstretched as if waiting to accept something. James put the egg in its hands and as soon as he did the mouth of the dragon opened and flames encircled the egg. James stumbled backward fearing he would be burned. The eyes seemed to be searching for any hidden dangers. James watched in amazement as the flames seemed to caress the egg but not burn it. The Abbot came in and said, “James what is going on here?” Surprise showing on his face. He watched in fascination at something he had never seen before. James hurried to where the Abbot stood, “Sir, Aldea was here, she left the egg with me. I didn’t know what to do so I brought it here and this is what happened when I laid the egg in its paws.” James was still watching the flames encircle the egg. The Abbot thought a moment before turning to James and saying, ” We shall leave it here and go about our business. I think the egg will be safe where it is now. I want you to go about your business too. Don’t tell anyone where the egg came from. If the rest don’t know they can’t tell.” The Abbot made sure no one was left in the room and locked the door for the evening. Everyone went about their business as if nothing had happened. There were a few eyes that had strayed to the sight of the egg encircled in the flame of the dragon but otherwise no one acted if the egg was even there. The Monks continued with their daily lives as usual for the next several weeks. One afternoon during meditation, while the monks were praying, the fire stopped with a great whoosh. The monks looked up and saw that the flames had indeed stopped. The egg was green and black with just a touch of white here and there. The egg remained unmoved until the small hours of the next morning when the egg started to hatch by dawn’s early light.

Kai’s Journey

                                                    Kai’s Journey
                                                  A short excerpt

It was as far as I could go down the deserted road when I came to the town. I was dirty, exhausted and tired from my days travel. It was just like the rest of the towns and cities I had come across in my travels since this all started 10 years ago when the zombies were created. There were zombies walking around here and there in the town up ahead. But here where I now stood outside the town there had been a battle. Only this time it seemed different. It looked like some one or a group had fought back. There were some full of bullet holes and some all torn up. These were dead and they curiously weren’t getting back up. It looked like there had been two different battles. The bullet holed zombies were off in one area. I know that sometimes the military people liked to use them for target practice. They would shoot them in the head to kill them and then prop them up and use them for targets. Or they would make it more sporting by “tempting” them with food and winging them until they grew tired of their sport and shot them in the head. Curiously though there were others that had been cut up and torn who were a little way off to the left. The torn up ones looked to be a fresher battle.
Off in the distance I could hear this odd yet beautiful sound. Quickly I moved toward the sound to see where the danger might lie. I stayed in the shadows to keep from being seen by the other Zombies that might be lurking around in the darkened buildings of the town. The closer I got to the sound the more dead Zombies I found. The sound was now around the corner of the building that looked as if it might have once been a grocery store.
I paused to draw my sword and to peer around the corner into the alley. Slowly I peered around the corner of the building to find the most beautiful white dog I had ever seen, surrounded by Zombies. The animal was so beautiful I rushed to it’s aide not even thinking of the consequences. When it first spotted me it seemed to become more wary until I said
“Hold on, I came to help.”
I charged at the back of the group of Zombies hacking the first ones head off and stabbing the second one in the back of the head. By the time the third one fell that’s when they noticed me and turned toward me. The rest were still facing the dog. It was a desperate fight, I knew that any second the dog or I could be bitten by one of these things. I fought as hard and as fast as I could in hopes that the dog would be able to escape. That way this beautiful creature could live.
Finally I saw the last two fall. I turned to run but saw ten more come stumbling around the corner. That’s when something hard hit me in the head and I lost consciousness.
A throbbing headache woke me from my forced slumber. I reached up to rub my head when I noticed that my wrist’s were tied behind my back. I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a cave like room.
Barren of any furniture or anything useful to cut the ropes that were currently binding my wrist’s. I looked up on a shelf that was above my head and saw my sword. I got to my knees and slouched till my knuckles touched the ground. I then slipped the rope under my feet so I could have my hands in front of me. Quickly I got to my feet and claimed my sword and released my hands. A sound at the doorway made me turn to face any danger that might be coming in. That is when I saw it. A pure white wolf slowly walking into the room and sat just in front of the doorway. She watched me as I lowered my sword to show no threat. As if satisfied to see that I was free she turned to leave.
“Wait, don’t go.” I called to the wolf.
She looked back as if she understood what I had just said. She then turned and walked out of the room. I belted my sword and I followed her.
We walked down a hall that curved and into another short hall. I saw her slip into a doggie door. I grabbed the door to open it but found that it was locked. I knocked to see if someone would answer the door. When no answer came I leaned in closer to the door to listen for any sound at all. I was thinking that maybe I could crawl through the doggie door too when I heard a loud crash coming from inside the room. I yelled, “I am coming in!” and slipped into the room through the same way the wolf had gone.
The room was sparsely furnished with a bed, table and a couple of chairs. As I was standing up I caught the sight of someone or something moving out of sight. Fearing someone was being attacked I moved forward to where I saw the person disappear. The door shut as I came closer. I had noticed that all the doors were very heavy wooden doors. Even this door seemed to be very heavy.
“Curious”. I said softly to myself. Softly I knocked on the door and asked if anyone inside was hurt. This time I got a reply.
“who are you and why did you come into my room?” It sounded like a woman.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. It’s just that I woke up in this place with my hands bound and my sword taken from me. I saw a beautiful white wolf in the doorway. After I had freed my hands the wolf left and I followed her here. Is the wolf in there with you?”
There was a pause as if she were looking around to see if the wolf was indeed in the room with her.
“No, its not in here with me.” She finally replied.
“Can you come out here please, Its been so long since I have talked to another.” I asked her hoping I hadn’t frightened her.
“Would you give me my robe please, its in there on the bed.” I walked over to the bed and picked up what looked to be the robe and took it to her.
I placed it next to the door and said.
“I’m putting it in front of the door and stepped across the room so she could retrieve it. Noticing a fire place and some wood stacked next to it I asked, “would you mind if I started a fire?”
“No, That would be fine. Thank you.” she said.
I heard her step into the room as I stood up from the fireplace. I turned to see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she looked about my age. She had beautiful white hair flowing down her back. She was about 5’6″ and graceful. Her eyes were the most incredible blue I had ever seen. They almost seemed to glow.
I had thought to ask her a question when I was making the fire. But when I saw her all thought left me. I knelt down to stoke the fire to get it going better. She came over to sit down next to me. She said,
“Well, I am here what do you want to talk about?” I thought a bit and then asked her,
“Why is your hair the same color as the wolf’s that I saw?” She gave a coy smile. She replied calmly, “Its merely a coincidence.” She said and walked towards her door,
“Now I think its time for you to go back to your room. Please don’t go anywhere and do not leave your room again. You were not supposed to leave it in the first place. We have left you with your sword because these are dangerous times and you never know when you will need it. But for your sake please leave it on the ledge. At least until we know we can trust you . ” Again she smiled that coy smile.
She told me to turn around. As she walked over to her dresser where she pulled open a squeaky cabinet door to get out her clothes. I heard the rustle of clothes hit the floor. I thought she might be done and started to turn when I saw her. I saw the back profile of a beautiful woman. Her hair fell down to the middle of her back. My eyes followed the flow of her hair down her back to her bare butt. That is when I saw it. I saw something different that I had never seen before. She had a miniature tail about 2 fingers wide and as long as 2 fingers. There were pure white hairs coming out of the end. I quickly turned back around so as to give her privacy. After a few more minutes she walked past me to unlock the door.
She led the way back down the hallway to my room.
“I will leave you here but I wanted to let you know what will happen tomorrow. Our leader will come to speak with you and ask you some questions. He will have some other tests for you too. The reason for the questions and test is to see if you can be trusted and are loyal. That is, if you would like to stay with us and travel with us.” she said while she stood by the door way of my new room. I looked around my sparse room and noticed that there was no bed or even a chair to sit in.
“What will I sleep on tonight?” I asked her, hundreds of other questions swarming in my mind but knowing that they would have to wait.
“I will look into getting a bed brought to you but for tonight you will have to make do with the floor.”
I laughed a dry laugh and told her, ” One more night on the ground won’t kill me. I have spent many a night on the ground.”
When she left I placed my sheathed sword back on the ledge. I looked around and saw a shallow patch of dust that looked soft. As I lay down to sleep I thought about what she had asked.
“Do I want to stay with these people and travel with them?” I thought to myself.
I had traveled alone for so long.
“Well, I have been led here, I might as well see what becomes of it.” I mumbled to myself before drifting off to sleep. I fell into a terrible nightmare.
I was running through a forest when this loud boom and a fierce gale wind hit my back. I went flying through the air to land on the moist grass wet with the morning dew. I landed heavily on my back. Then this loud powerful roar sounded all around me. The roar was that of the king of beasts would make the cowards and weak run. Then it rose into the air, a blood red dragon! I got to my feet as fast as I could. I looked at the dragon as it looked at me. At once it started after me. I ran as fast as I could through the underbrush and past the trees. The underbrush was tearing at my clothes as I scrambled frantically to get away. I could hear a thump, thump, thump.
At first I thought it was my heart trying to burst from my chest. Then I felt it in my ears and then my bones. It was then I realized that the air was pulsating with the beat of the dragons wings trying to keep its massive body aloft in the air. There was a loud boom and a crunching and snapping of trees in front of me as I ran through a bush. I slid to a stop in time to behold a massive sapphire dragon with deep emerald eyes and black horns landing in front of me, unleashing a mighty roar.
Suddenly I sat up wringing with sweat frantically looking around the darkened cave searching for the dragons.
The head counselor was standing there in front of me. It took a moment to see that there were others in the room too, standing back against the wall. The counselor with salt and pepper hair spoke to me . “Are you ready?” Still dazed and confused I looked around again to get my bearings. Again the counselor spoke,
“Are you ready for the test’s that Clover spoke of to you last night?”
I stood up fully awake now, the dream receding quickly to the back of my mind

A new start,