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Oh yes. I’m feeling a bit ranty this week, which would explain the frequent blogging, I suppose. I’ve penned similar posts in the past. Hell, you have probably blogged about this too. I think nearly every self-published author has. Well, it’s time to say it again:

I am self-published and I am a REAL author. 

There are some folks out there who will tell us self-publishing isn’t legit because we bypassed the gatekeepers (agents and big publishers), but I didn’t write my books for agents and publishers – I wrote them for readers. While agents and publishers might not respond to a query letter, leaving you to wonder if they hated the idea of your book, or if they just never got your email, the readers are not shy about telling you what they think when they review your book. In the end, readers…

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2 thoughts on “Self-Published Authors are Real

  1. I’d like to point out that Andy Weir first published “The Martian” on his blog before putting all the chapters together and selling it on Amazon for $.99. I doubt that anyone today would call him a “fake” author.

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