Iowa Book Source press release

Iowa Book Source

Iowa Book Source display window


Who: This is for independent authors as well as small press publishing houses and their authors.

What: This is a place to get your book on a physical bookshelf in a display window in our local mall as well as on the website with links to their amazon and Barnes and Noble links below them.

When: you can contact us at any time and get your books into the stores!

Where: The books would be in a display window in our local mall where there are no book stores in town. The display window will be changed every couple of weeks to keep with the holiday themes and keep it fresh and eye catching. There is signage in the window directing them to the web page where the books are sorted into genres.

Why: This is a new way to capture the best of both a physical brick and mortar space along with the internet.

How Much: This is the last but most important question. It’s $5.00 a month for one to ten books, if you have more the price goes up. 11 to 20 books would be $10.00 a month and so forth.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at for more information.

The website is where you can see your books. Pictures will be taken when the decorations are changed and posted on Facebook as well as a few other sites.