Iowa Book Source is live!

Iowa Book Source SignIowa Book Source display window

Here is the sign in the window and here is my display window. If you are an author and would like to get your book in front of people in this display window and an ebook link where the person can buy it just let me know! It is really live and really happening. The store is at The fee is $5.00 a month whether you have one book or ten. I will be changing out the decorations every two weeks to keep the window fresh and eye catching.  This is a way to get the best of both worlds, the brick and mortar as well as the internet. We have no bookstores in Marshalltown Iowa so there is no competition. I am looking for all books except erotica due to this being a family friendly mall the display is in. I will also be looking to expand the display windows into other midsize towns/cities that do not have book stores. If interested please feel free to email me at or leave a message below. Feel free to share this post. I hope to help out indie and small publishing house authors everywhere!

Sorry to sound like an ad but just so excited and happy this thing is finally up and running. I have been contacting 5 authors a day that I am currently friends with but I am starting to run out. Basically, I just need one physical copy of each book an author has written mailed to me, and links to where the books can be bought. I display them in the window as well as on the site. There is a lot of foot traffic there and they have events there every month or so. Different venues like wedding shows, craft fair shows, car shows and other things that get people out of the house. A wide variety of eyes will see the display and your book.

O.k. I’m done, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoyed the bit of sunshine we had today. Thank you everyone.

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