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Well, I have been working on setting up a site where we are utilizing the best of both worlds for independent authors as well as readers alike. I have a local mall that is renting me a window to display books in where it will have seasonal, holiday, and goings on themes changed out twice a month. It has been something I have wanted to do for a while now but am finally getting to do it! I have the store window rented, getting decorations rounded up for our display to go live on April 1st. The website is getting set up and books are being added as they are being mailed to me. I just need one physical book to display in the window. If you have written 20 different books, send me one of each and I can display it for you for $5.00 a month.

I hope to turn it into an actual book store at some point where indie authors can sell their books in a real brick and mortar store. I will still have the website where people can get the ebooks as well. In this way I can accept books from all over. I’m hoping to get followers who can see the books as they get added to the store. If you can think of things to add to it please feel free to let me know. I appreciate it! Here is the site if  you are interested in taking a look,

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