Satan’s Salesman: Chapter 1

Author Matthew Davenport

I’ve been working on a horror story called “Satan’s Salesman.” It follows a man as he’s recruited by Perdition Investments for his remarkable sales skills. They hope to put those skills to use in offering people anything they want in exchange for their immortal souls. On the one hand, Shane Lowe (our main character) likes the idea of being incredibly wealthy, but he also can’t deny the moral quandry of taking people’s souls.

Anyway, that’s more or less the synopsis, and I would love some feedback. I’m going to post this over at Wattpad, too, and would love to know what you think. I’m looking to post a chapter a week or so. Maybe more depending on the speed I’m working on this. Now that I’m back into my writing habit, I’ve been writing both Broken Nights 2 and Satan’s Salesman fairly reglarly (Averaging around 1000 words a day).


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