Just a wondering bit

I’m still here, not sure how but managed to shut off all the notifications for the blogs I follow. Finally went looking to see how to turn it back on. found it. So I can go back to posting, sharing and following people’s blogs again.Ā 

I am a writer along with my youngest son. I have mentioned it a bajillion times to say the least. I have learned the hard way and asked even more questions on how to do what I needed to get our book published and do it right. I’m still learning if fact be known. I have waded through learning how to join groups on facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin and many more just to try and let others know of us and our works. I have stepped outside the box and gone to craft shows, town celebration events, flea markets, car shows, comic cons, and other events just trying to get out the word. Some things have worked, some not so much. Most for us, just barely broke even. I would miss being home with my husband on weekends. He is a truck driver and is gone during the week. I have done up bookmarks, marketing on sites that advertise books, tried to keep it either doing it for free or on a very small budget.

I have always been free with the advice I give to others of what I have tried and our results of it. Others try it and it really works well for them. I have asked if it is our pitch and was told no, our pitch is fine. I have wondered, is it my look? Is it our look?

I have decorated our table for seasons, done up gift wrapped books and used them for christmas time ideas for folks. I don’t know. I have even gotten a bunch of authors to let me advertise books on an Etsy account as well as a Scott’s Marketing account. Basically you can get autographed and signed paperback books from authors mailed directly to you. yep, it flopped. I had wanted to do a kiosk type thing with the same idea. Thankfully, never got that far cause if I can’t sell it online, how do I expect to sell it in public??

I am working on new stories but often wonder, if I am a good enough writer and should I keep going? I know others have done it and made it. But there are also a lot of people who write great books that never get anywhere too.

People have asked me to share with them how we got published, I tell them and never hear from them again. I guess it just gets frustrating to keep banging your head against a wall and never get taken seriously as a writer. I don’t know if this is what they really think, but at times when I would talk to some about it, I feel they are looking at me like, “hell if she can do it, we can surely do a much better job.”

Today I was thinking, what if I did a little booth during the week at times in an old mall at our local town. But then I thought, how well does your online little booth work out for you. Not very well. I know you have to spend money to make money but I hate spending it and having my husband looking at me like I failed. He supports me in whatever I do, but I just don’t want to let him down. ya know?

I don’t know, I guess I’m just having a down day and wanted to ramble on a bit. I have worked hard and spent money and barely covered expense. Some I didn’t even come close to covering the expense, but I tried. Still looking for that magic formula that can be bottled and sold to others who are in the same boat as me as far as marketing their books. O.k gotta get off of here and go write in the next saga of Fallen Angel. it goes to an online blog that has been posting it for almost three years now. So keep writing, keep doing, keep learning and keep growing. Even if you do have down days and often think of just giving up. Keep going. You never know what is just right around the next corner.

4 thoughts on “Just a wondering bit

  1. Wendy, most likely you didn’t turn off your notifications. A lot of people recently have had trouble with WP turning them off. It makes you crazy at times when tech glitches occur and we think WE did something to cause it šŸ™‚

  2. There are great writers out there who will never be found, Wendy. There are great artists who never get the recognition they deserve. The only that we all have is the ability to persevere. At times it becomes tedious and heartbreaking, so-much-so that the question of giving up is raised so high that it’s hard to ignore. Perseverance is the only weapon we have and belief in yourself the only ammunition! The very best of luck to you and your son. šŸ™‚

    1. I totally agree Danny, Thank you for your comment. It is really hard sometimes to always be upbeat and happy. Sometimes I gotta write the blues just to get them out of the way. lol

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