Laying Track: Tracking Ebook Links on Google Analytics…

When you get to the original it really is very informative!

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Extract from an article by David Kudler on The Book Designer:

I planned on posting a brief intro to the HTML and CSS that a beginner should know to work on an ebook, but I’m in the middle of launching my YA historical novel Risuko this month, and so I need to share a shorter, more technical post. This month, I’m going to teach you how to build links from your ebook that can be tracked in Google Analytics.


Well, although an ebook is nothing more than a website in a box, and it can link to sites on the open internet, it doesn’t connect to those sites the way that a regular site does. You can’t automatically tell where a hit to your blog came from — what book, what retailer, what chapter. On Google Analytics and other tools for tracking hits, it will show up as a…

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