Creating An Image Widget With a Link to a Specific Page!

Now this I can follow and do! I will have to try it!

But I Smile Anyway...

Now, I have never professed to be a particularly internet savvy person, but I do try to learn how to do things so it’s easier for myself! And when I manage to figure things out, it stands to reason that I should share these little gems of information!

The other day the lovely TJ invited me to become a part of his new Haiku Hub, and I asked whether it would be ok to use the image as a widget on my side-bar, and maybe even link it to his page. He was more than happy for me to do this, but asked that I share the method, so here I am, trying to do this!

So if you want an image widget on your side-bar, you need to click on WP admin and scroll down to Appearance, then Widgets. Once you open this page there is a list…

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