Ride with Norman Reedus

Ride with Norman Reedus


This is a show I have been watching religiously since the Walking Dead ended a few weeks back. If you are expecting explosions, zombies, killing or something along those lines, forget it. This is a view of America most have forgotten about. In a time and age where most think there is no countryside left or majestic views to see, Norman shows us there is still beauty and wonder in this world, even in the big cities. 

Ride with Norman Reedus takes you on a journey each week covering around 300 miles and seeing several different spots along the way. You meet people who rebuild, create and work with motorcycles, cars, movie projects and other artistic endeavors. In a world of fast paced, instant gratification seekers, this show slows you down and gives you a chance to stop and smell the flowers along the roadside as well as some pretty wild food stops along the way.

Each show has him riding a different motorcycle as well as trying different ones during the show. The one that I thought was the craziest was the electric motorcycle that you don’t hear at all. It’s just you and nature, no roar to buffer between. Each show has him riding with a new friend, this last week it was Peter Fonda. If you don’t know who that is, google it.

I like watching the show because he shows cities, countryside and highways that have me itching to take a ride. I appreciate a beautiful bike but have never had the desire to ride. Now I find myself wondering what it would be like, wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth. Yeah, I know, shut your mouth and wear your helmet and you won’t get the bugs.  Norman does most of the talking in this show as commentator and to the people he meets. It shows a side of him that most movies don’t give him a chance to express. People everywhere go nuts when they realize who he is, and Peter Fonda as well, but there are some who just treat him as a regular guy too.

Would I love to meet him? heck yeah! but I don’t know about riding my own bike, I would probably have to ride on back or in a sidecar. Either way as Peter Fonda put it, “not being in a cage is the best feeling ever!”

Norman likes to put it this way, “It’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey along the way and the people you meet.”