Broken Spokes

You’ve probably been there, in dire need of help and a solution, but none came… You know the feeling, it’s that old desperation that comes with knowing you can’t get through this moment on your own, and God seems not to be listening.

Although, in your heart of hearts, you know he heard every single word you said.

Arlene R. O’Neil, has had a hip replacement. This makes #5 for her & she only waited 2 years (yes you read that correctly) while walking on a broken titanium rod in her leg for this surgery. Her book, Broken Spoke, goes on sale tomorrow, July 4th, 2016 – Yes, Independence Day – to raise much needed funds to pay for this procedure.

Arlene is a proud woman, an independent woman who isn’t asking for handouts, she’s asking for a helping hand, encouragement, and readers for her book. You’ll benefit from the read – it’s an amazing story of survival. Broken-Spokes-196x300

This is her story of adventure through life, full speed ahead through the broken spokes, to survival, when a girl knows she’s got to keep going, and can do it with God’s blessing.

It’s the definement of independence day, and the irony of her book being released on this day – whole broken pieces – putting it back together.

The challenge of a lifetime, coming at a moment when the world could come crashing down, but instead… She holds on, and keeps moving toward the finish line.

What a glorious moment that will be – when she reaches the finish line. A crowning moment of glory, and a job well done.

Have you been in a broken place in your life? This is the story of a woman who was broken but never beaten. She traveled to the lowest depths and rose again to victory. Celebrate Independence Day with this story of triumph. BROKEN SPOKES, today just .99

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