Do I believe in myself?

The answer to that question changes from day to day. Do I believe in the stories I have written and published? Heck yes! Do I believe they are good? again, heck yes! I believe in my son and the work we do together in creating stories I think would be good for people to read and enjoy. Do I always believe that what I am doing as far as the business side of it is right? Again, that is a changing answer from day to day. So I look at what we are doing in a business sense. I have to put my feelings aside and think of it like anyone would a business. Like some have said, “What works and what doesn’t.”

I love our stories but I have to look at what the sales says and what people who have read it say. Most is positive feedback so those who HAVE read it like the stories. But still no traction in the sales department. I realize you have to keep coming up with new stories and such to keep people interested. We worked so hard on the Kai’s Journey, The Jack Bowman, Hiding in Plain Sight, and the Curse of the Red Eyed Witch as well as Warehouse. I am currently working on two new stories. Well new to you all. I have given a few chapters to read in this blog just to see and rate what the interest rate might be. Testing the waters so to speak. I like both stories a lot. I want to do this smart. I have made bad decisions in the past with marketing strategies. Not that I had a clear cut plan but to try and do my best. I want these two stories to be received in a much better fashion and do better thank it’s predecessors.

I was told there are three paths in writing by several people. I write for myself, I write for the fans or I write for money.

!. I do write for myself of course because I love writing and story telling. I like that aspect of it. I like the editing and the polishing of the story until it shines.

2. Writing for the fans. I write for others enjoyment. I don’t know if I have any “fans” perse, I will not write what is popular at the moment because I just don’t work that way.

3. I write for money. I would love to make money at this writing thing because hey, I am not here to do it for free and our family can’t eat good thoughts nor do those good thoughts pay the bills. I would like to help out the family.

So what I would love to do is create a fourth path.

4 Combine all of the above and make money writing for myself and the fans as well. Weave all of them in together to create a comfortable living that keeps us in our house and the wolves off of our front porch. I know, I know, I can hear some now. “For shame, thinking of making money off of your art.” lol, I don’t see anyone else giving away their handmade craft items for free.

Yes I put out there asking if our new stories were really good enough to continue with. There are so many indie authors out there struggling the same as the rest of us. I want to stand out from the crowd. How can I do that if our stories aren’t good enough? How can I get people to notice if I’m just a mediocre writer? It’s like Mike Rowe said, he loved woodworking but just didn’t have the talent for it. It’s great to do it as a hobby but not something he would ever make a living at. So he found something he was really good at and now look at him.

Yes, I am looking at this as a business, yes I want to be sure it is something that will work and will go forward and make money as well as make others happy that they read our stories. I love writing them but if no one ever reads them, I think that is the sticking part. It hurts when no one reads your work or thinks it’s even worthwhile to read the blurb. Β I know, tough skin, tough skin. there are only so many layers of skin my friend. So no, not down on myself or our stories. I love our stories and am passionate about them. But I have to look at it in a business sense as well and stop throwing money down the drain. Money that could be better spent on the light bill or gas for the car. Will I ever stop writing? no. but would I consider giving up on the marketing? YES! but I haven’t yet.

7 thoughts on “Do I believe in myself?

  1. I think we’ve all been here, and I think your fourth path is one that many authors take. Anonymity is the real hurdle, and I’m still trying to solve that puzzle myself.

  2. me either, or how to market without bugging the crappola out of people. I’m this close to either finding someone who CAN do it or just forgetting the whole mess of marketing and just writing stories and if people find them, great! if not. oh well. But you are a beautiful lady and find it hard to believe you have trouble looking good. πŸ™‚

  3. I go through this all the time, wondering if I should keep doing this. I am certainly not doing it for the money, so I must be doing it to tell a tale. πŸ™‚

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