Hi there,

I haven’t been on here in awhile, been busy with this and that and trying to keep upbeat and moving forward even when I feel like I am being knocked back to the starting point again. Today I wanted to talk about doubts. We all have them and they can cripple us if we let them. You might wonder, do big authors have doubts? heck yes! Will people like this story, did I do a good enough job of describing that one certain scene? Will the editor think I am stark raving mad for doing it this way instead of the way they had been trying to get me to do it all these years? Those are just a few some have probably thought of over the years.Lately, I have been having more than my fair share of doubts. I have published a few books, a few short stories, published in an online e-zine for over 2 years now and so it’s not like I’m new to the game but still. I have a story I have been working on that is different than any we have previously published and still I wonder. Will it be good enough, will it be the one that actually helps the writing career take off? I know, I know, they tell you that you don’t write for the money but you know what? you gotta make SOME money if you want to keep living in a house and not a cardboard box. So no, I am not looking to be Stephen King rich but at least help pay some bills with book sales would be nice.

So anyway back to the doubts. They have been eating at me every since I have been working on this story, “Pray to the Shadowman.” It’s very different from stories I have worked on in the past. But still, I think there is the hope element but haven’t figured out how to exactly be working that in. But yet I wonder, will people like it. will people read it. Will it be another flop that does just as well as Kai’s Journey. Not well at all.

Next is the marketing stuff. I don’t know squat on how to do a marketing plan. I have tried to follow this person’s guide and that person’s guide to no avail. I have googled how to do a marketing plan and I might as well be reading greek. I just don’t understand it. I think I am missing a key piece of it that would make sense to me. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed by it all. The marketing, tweeting, sharing, facebooking, and all the rest.

I’m trying to find what works for us and so far the best thing I have found is the face to face sales at events like crafting fairs and comic con’s. But the thing is, my husband is only home on the weekends and so it cuts into my time I like to spend with him! I can’t win on that front either. My daughter says I need to spend time with dad. Yet no one buys books during the week nor have I found events that take place during the week. So yeah, I have doubts, struggles and issues that I keep working on but keep moving forward as well. I will find a way to make things work I just have to find the right combination that actually works well for us.

So the next time you feel like giving up just imagine the goal is right around the corner and if you stop now, you will never know if you could have made it. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Keep moving and never give up.