Fear the Walking Dead, Part 8

Finally the week we have all been waiting for has arrived! Fear the Walking Dead will premiere this Sunday. You will need to check your local listing on AMC to see what time it comes on in your area. Now there are a few things I am happy to report.

One, I don’t know if other companies have this yet but we finally have AMCHD here!  Now we can watch The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and all the other good shows on AMC in High Definition! Woo hoo!

Two, this Sunday, not only will it be a marathon of season 5 it will also have Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick on after TWD and before Fear the Walking Dead airs! So yes in away we will still get our fix for the Walking Dead, Chris Hardwick and get to finally watch and judge for ourselves the spinoff to see if it lives up to the original.

Three, not only will we get an hour and a half of Fear the Walking Dead but we also get an hour and a half on The Walking Dead as well. This Sunday will be hard to beat with that much fan favorites and something new to watch as well.

If you haven’t done it yet set your VCR’s DVR’s or any other recording device you may have to record the show. We all know how life happens and things come up that could possibly prevent you from watching it. Now, that we have that out of the way, Who do you think will end up as zombie dinner of the main cast? I worry with that shot that looks like a walker is about to munch on Kim Dickens’ character Madison Clark’s arm.  Is she as bad ass as Kim claims her character is? Can she live up to Carol or Michonne bad assery? We will see.

Next week I will be posting my first review of how I thought the show went. There is a friend of mine, Cassidy Frazee who has been writing about her views of the show Humans for Rachel Tsoumbakos. Cassidy will be writing about Fear the Walking Dead as well. I am interested to read her take on the show and see what she thinks.  Check out both sites to see other opinions of the show.

Everyone get ready for a wild ride on Sunday and fingers crossed that the new show lives up to it’s predecessor. I think it will be pretty evident by the first half hour whether it will be a hit or not. Hang on to your hats everyone and get your geek on and be ready for Sunday! This ain’t football sweethearts, it’s gonna be much bloodier! See you on Sunday!