Fear the Walking Dead, Part 7


Tis the season to be jolly! oh wait too soon. O.k. we are heading into the home stretch of finally getting to watch the show we have all been awaiting to see with baited breath. Would you believe there are already people popping up and posting negative things about the show? It hasn’t even aired yet! They are saying it won’t work. Yeah, the Avengers and all the spinoffs on that isn’t working either, right?

People have been clamouring to find out what it was like while Rick was in a coma. Well now we will get to see, just not from our beloved original cast’s view. I think it would be hard to put a short haired wig on Daryl and it would be hard to remember who gained what scar when and who had it before the apocalypse. Am I rambling? probably.

But lets get down to the truth. We are all going to watch the first episode that is to go an amazing 90 minutes long. Hopefully they don’t do what the Walking Dead show did when Tyreese was killed in that epic episode where there was more commercials than actual show time. We want more actual show time and less commercial time. I know that you have to pay for the show somehow, but come on!

So here we sit, still not able to set the DVR to record because the show is a bit too far out yet. I don’t know about you all but I have to wait 2 more days yet. I am looking forward to meeting the characters and watching their growth from living a daily normal life to figuring out how to survive in the land of zombies and keep their families alive. Who will be the first Sophia? Who will be the Carl of the group? Getting shot, teasing walkers, getting others killed? People are going to compare it to the original so we might as well take bets on who we see as imitations of from the parent show. Am I getting excited? Yes I am! I am ready to see what they have been keeping hidden from us for so long. They have been cryptic as to when it would air, then who was all in it, and now people are saying whether it will be good or not. Don’t know about you, but I would rather make my own decision when I actually watch it.

So get your popcorn, drinks and other snacks ready. Turn off your phone, unless you are texting a friend who is also watching, and get ready for a heck of a show! Are you ready for it?