Fear the Walking Dead, Part 6


The first of August has finally arrived and with it the ever plodding along of days until we can finally watch the first episode of “Fear the Walking Dead.” There still really isn’t any new information about what is to come other than a few comments from the directors saying it will fill in the gap of when Rick was in a coma. We already knew that part of it. They are calling it a “Live and not die in L.A.” type existence for the first few episodes.

Today I thought about what we could do to prepare ourselves for watching the first episode of the show. The first and foremost thing to do is set the DVR to record! If you have some other way of doing it, I highly recommend setting it ahead of time to record the show. Life happens and we may plan to be at home watching it but things happen. At our household it will be something akin to a superbowl party for us. Chips, dip, something to drink, maybe even pizza! You could do a cheese plate as well. I saw a party set up I thought would work really well. Here let me grab it for you. zombie party idea

You could put any kind of snacks in there you wanted. Chicken wings, little smokies, chip dip, pretzels. A great way to get into the mood for lots of great viewing.  Keep food on ice in a small wading pool filled with ice. it will keep salads cold too.

Invite like minded friends to share in the excitement of the show as well as discuss what parts you liked, didn’t like, missed, couldn’t believe happened and so on. Basically host your own Chris Hardwick after show chat. You can call it “Fear the Talking Dead.” Find some gory, silly prizes you can give to the one who is most creative in remembering a little tidbit or asks a question that stumps the others. The sky is the limit so go wild! I’m sure the cast and creators of “Fear the Walking Dead” will for us.

Oh I have heard that they are making 15 shows for the second season already! that is good news and we are keeping our fingers crossed that this means the show is as good as it’s predecessor. Speaking of Chris Hardwick, I just found out that Chris Hardwick will do a “Talking Dead” after show! The first episode will run approximately 90 minutes with an after show with Chris Hardwick!   That is fantastic news! So what do you think will happen in the first episode? Do you have plans to have a party for the first episode? Have you set your recorder yet? Do you have any questions for the cast and crew? Ask them here!

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