Fear the Walking Dead, Part 5

ftwd Curt and Lisa

Slowly, ever so slowly the weeks are slipping by and only four remain until that lovely night we have been awaiting for to arrive! When the premiere of “Fear the Walking Dead” will air and millions of people across the world will be tuning into watch and see if the spinoff will be wildly successful or not. The sneak peaks and news has dwindled to almost nil these last couple of weeks. There haven’t been any more new sneak peeks or still photo’s from the show.

I have seen on FanSided, Fear the Walking Dead 2 is getting expanded episode orders. This is a strong indication that the show will be a huge success. I think the big reason it will be huge like it’s parent is because like Robert Kirkman says on Cleveland.com in an empassioned letter, the reason the show is such a huge success is not because of the walking dead but because of the characters and their storylines. Mr. Kirkman says the shows will be different in other aspects that will set each other apart.

Some of the same people who will be behind the scenes on the new show you have seen before on it’s parent show, The Walking Dead executive producers are;

Robert Kirkman  Mr. Robert Kirkman    Gail Anne Hurd   Gale Anne Hurd,

Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero and       David Alpert  David Alpert.

Dave Erickson Dave Erickson, who previously wrote for Son’s of Anarchy, has joined the family to round out the list of executive producers. It will be interesting to see what he can bring to the table for the show.

With more shows being ordered and a heck of a cast and crew backing them if they don’t hit it out of the park with the premiere I would be greatly surprised.

The one nagging question I keep wondering is will Chris Hardwick do an after show like he does with the parent show. Maybe they could call it “Fear the Talking Dead.” It’s just a thought! I love unwinding and recapping with Chris and guests on the show afterwards and see what little snippets I might have missed during the show. You may wonder though, could he do a different show than how he does the “Talking Dead” then you don’t know Chris Hardwick very well. This man is a font of many different shows that all have their own style and feel for each one. Do I like all of them? surprisingly, no. But I love Chris Hardwick and all the work he does. Maybe we could start a web petition asking Chris to commentate on the new show afterwards to help us sort out what we just watched! Well, that is all I have today. I hope they start giving us a bit more to talk about for next week but we will see.

If you have any questions or would like me to research something about the show please feel free to comment below. In the meantime, have a wonderful week and enjoy the reruns of the Walking Dead airing to help those going through withdrawals. Check your local AMC station for your times.