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D.K. Amsden is the first author showcasing his work today! his book “A Kidnapping Gone Wrong” has done amazingly well for being the first book published by this author! Mr. Amsden has been a story teller for over 50 years; telling his stories to hundreds of children to seniors of the young boy growing up in Northern Minnesota during the 50s and 60s. He loves to write mysteries but has a flair for adventure and romance.
In 1957 his family had just moved from Des Moines, Iowa to an underpopulated area in Northern Minnesota on a very large lake. Looking to the north he saw miles of water, all other directions was a forest. He was only eight years old when he decided to take his first walk into the deep, dark forest, he followed a path which he later found out to be a trail used by deer and seemed to be endless. It wasn’t long before he started to get tired and thirst sat in quickly. All he had with him was his Bowie Knife for protection and no skills on survival; he made a mental note that if he lived to see his mom and dad again, he would learn to survive in the woods.
The further he walked the darker it seem too get, he saw a very large tree that had fallen and decided to take a rest, after sitting for a few moments he laid down and looked straight up and fell asleep. A few minutes later his eyes sprang open with an idea, only having a carpenter’s pencil that his grandfather had given him he carefully began peeling off a small piece of Birch Bark Paper from a Birch Tree, something his father had showed him the first day they moved to Minnesota, Danny proceed to write what it was like to be scared.
He went to a school K-8 with a total of 200 students, Danny tried to convince his parents that he didn’t need to go, and since that didn’t work, he sat in class, day dreaming about living off the land, going hunting or fishing when he got home from school, and most of all spending time with his new dog Princess, a beautiful Alaskan Husky.
At nine years old he was keeping a journal about his daily adventures. At eighteen the young man wrote his first non-fiction adventure The Beginning of it All. In 1969 Danny wrote his first fiction adventure In the Right Direction and a non-fiction romance novel that sat unfinished for forty years without a title, in 2009 he finished the book and gave it a name. The Search is Over.
From 1969 to 2009, DK (as his mother called him) has written twelve full novels, many short stories and a box full of thoughts and ideas, all to sit in a box until just a few years ago.
In 2010 he met an Iowa based published author that took some interest in his writing, and encouraged him to find a good editor and submit his works.
DK and his wife Sandy celebrated 44 years of marriage on April 25, 2014 on the Mississippi River. He grew up near the mighty river and wanted to return. The happily married couple came home with wonderful memories and a new book was brewing in his mind.

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