Fear the Walking Dead, part 3

This week we have finally, finally gotten a date for the new show “Fear the Walking Dead”! Cassidy Frazee called it saying the show would start on August 23rd! Cassidy has been writing for Rachel Tsoumbakos and giving his insight to the show “Humans”. So our hats are off to Cassidy for calling this one and being absolutely correct! The weeks are counting down rather quickly and with each new preview we get to see a bit more of the big picture. We even get to see a couple of walkers munching away!

I like how it shows everything falling apart and the descent into the madness that Rick and the gang have been living in for the past 6 years. It will be interesting to see who the core actors are who manage to survive season after season. I saw a brief glimpse of the principal of the school and it doesn’t look like he makes it to the second show. That, however, remains to be seen on August 23rd. I know I am looking forward to how they will spin the whole falling apart and am greatly interested to see if any people group together to help each other out for the greater good or if it is basically every man or woman for themselves.

It will be interesting to see how fast the scenery changes as well around the characters. Will it take quite awhile to have things start reverting back to nature or will people struggle to continue their lives as they knew it before, basically struggle to stay in denial. I see portions of the show that almost make you want to scream at the t.v. Nick is telling the truth about what he saw in that druggie house! The kid, Tobias, is on to something teach, you better listen! We all know how much the government always tells us the truth as well. Will the kids adapt faster than the adults? Up until now we have really only had Carl to base our reactions on and how he has adapted. Will the new teens with family struggles with newly joined families be able to cope better than the parents?

What questions do you have about the new show? What do you see as a big difference from the original show, “The Walking Dead.” The biggest question I have, will Chris Hardwick be doing a Fear the Talking Dead after the show? What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, part 3

  1. Dang, that is a small world! lol, I was trying to find out who plays the principal but can’t find him and have looked several ways. We keep swiping British actors to play in our little shows! 🙂

    1. I believe the guy who asks Maddy if she’s okay is Colman Domingo, but I could be wrong.

  2. The kids in FTWD have the advantage of being older than Carl, which means they’ll probably stay in the house. 😉 Nick also has considerable street smarts when he isn’t high. By the way, a little trivia: the actor playing Nick also played young Tom Riddle in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, and his father is the actor who played Stannis Baratheon on “Game of Thrones”. And the actress who plays the daughter Alicia was in “Into the Storm” with Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Lori Grimes.

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