Fear the Walking Dead, part 2

This past week went way to fast for my liking. Once again I am here to give you new updates on new teaser trailers for the upcoming show, “Fear the Walking Dead.” There is one out about a soccer mom who is shutting a van door and in the reflection you see a walker, but unfortunately you had to be watching Humans to see it! The teasers for this show have been described by many  as vastly different than the Walking Dead premier teasers. Fear the Walking Dead is full of sunshine and light along with color and beautiful who are clean, showered and well groomed. The walking dead was dark and dreary and had a heavy, foreboding feeling to it.

The one thing I have noticed is that the scenes that are shown are so tightly closed in on the particular shot that you almost feel like pushing the boundaries of the shot and seeing what is the bigger picture. What is just out of sight of the camera that could be dangerous or a walker just out of sight. These kinds of shots that are in movies or tv shows tend to frustrate me because I can’t see what they are afraid of or what they should be running from. So I seriously hope they don’t do that all the way through the new show.

I have been very lucky to be one of the fans of the Walking Dead and get a chance to see Michael Cudlitz at Comic Con this year in Des Moines. The Wizarding Worlds Comic Con is set to come back next year to Des Moines as well and I look forward to possibly getting to meet some of the cast of the new show “Fear the Walking Dead” as well.

Still no word as to the actual date of when the show will start in August. I do hope they come up with a date soon so we can count down the days until it starts and get our recorders set to record it. You know we are going to want to watch the premier a couple of times before the second one even airs.

In this show it is said the walkers will be all freshly turned so we will get to see just how fresh they will be making them in costuming. In The Walking Dead they have had to keep aging the walkers and showing more decomposition where “Fear the Walking Dead” will have all newly dead people. I really do love the costuming aspect of it and see the creativity they come up with to keep the shows fresh and your attention on the detail.

Well that wraps it up for this week, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and watch out for new trailers to be released!

What questions, thoughts or ideas do you have about the show? Post your comments on what you would like to see as well below.

4 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, part 2

  1. Oh wow! that would be right on my son’s birthday! that would be fantastic! Thank you for figuring out the math on that and I will definitely give you credit on the math portion and ask others when they think the date will be. I love the way you think Cassidy! (Oh and link I will post a link to your blog talking about the “Humans” which links to the other blog. Thank you once again Cassidy! love you!

  2. I expect FTWD to start up right after “Humans” ends. They have six more episodes to air, so calculating an air date is pretty easy.

    1. Thank you Cassidy, I will project what and see what date that lands on. I hope you are right because we are really chomping at the bit to find out just when it will start. That can be the next blog posting. 🙂

      1. I’ve been having these discussions with the person whose blog I’m posting my recaps on, and I worked out the following:

        Humans: 28 June to 16 August.

        Fear the Walking Dead: 23 August through 27 September. (I’m guessing they’ll have this on Sundays like TWD.)

        Now, you could start a Walking Dead marathon on 4 October through to 17 October, which would see The Walking Dead Season 6 beginning 18 October, which is about their normal time.

        This is all conjecture, but I think it’s legit based upon what AMC has done in the past.

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