Lord’s Prayer

Lords Prayer

O.k before you get too upset, if you are religious, or not, atheist or what ever. If you don’t want to read this quandary turn back now. O.k You have been warned, read on at your own risk.

As many know, I have been struggling with a lot lately. One of them is how to pray. It says in the bible to do the Lords prayer and not the lengthy reading off a grocery list of praises and concerns. The lord knows what you want and need. But yet in the very same bible it also shows Jesus praying to his Father to take the cup from his hand the night before he is to be crucified. I have been saying the Lords Prayer trying to keep it short and sweet but sometimes I get to where I want to talk to him like a friend or a confidant. I don’t have a preacher to talk to about it and quite frankly I’m pretty sure they would really not care to talk to me. My past experience hasn’t been the most favorable. I don’t have a lot of money to leave a church so not much reason to minister to me personally. Not griping just saying it’s the way it is. I love the Lord, don’t get me wrong, I pray constantly and about everything from praying there is always enough food when cooking a meal, to getting us through our travels safe and sound. I pray for friends and family whether they express a need or not.

I also worry and pray about my brother. Some say he was a God fearing man but he just didn’t have time for church and stuff. He was so bitter towards the end about most people. I worry if he went to heaven. The thought of never seeing him again is unbearable, but the thought of not seeing him on the other side is, well, it makes me think twice about wanting to go to heaven myself. He was my brother and no it doesn’t make sense. I was his big sister and supposed to take care of him.

So my question is to you preacher types out there, all one or two of you who read this, lol, is it o.k to pray in other ways other than saying the Lord’s Prayer? Why or why not. Thank you for your time, patience and for actually reading this. I ┬áhope everyone has a wonderful weekend.