Shia LaBeouf

We just watched the movie last night called Fury. I really liked the actors who were in it and loved how well everyone of them did. Brad Pitt,  did a fantastic job as well as Logan Lerman who played Norman and Shia LeBeouf who proved he can do other characters very well. Michael Pena as well as Jon Bernthal were all great actors who did fantastic.  I know it wasn’t received all that well but we really liked it and it’s realism. War is not now nor has it ever been pretty and they showed that very well for the movie.

Shia LaBeouf has been praised and criticized by the same people for a while now. When he was a kid and doing the good guy stuff everyone praised and loved him but I don’t think they really took him seriously. They kept type casting him in the goofball hero stereotype. Lately he has been getting into more gritty and raw roles of the not so good guy and doing a fantastic job. I sometimes think that is why he has gotten himself into some of the trouble he has been into to show he can do more and show he is a serious actor. When I watched him in Fury I felt his character to my bones. The way he worked with Brad Pitt in keeping his character grounded when he was losing it. The way he played off of Michael and Jon was brilliant. All the actors added to each other in ways that really had you feeling their bond at having been through so much together that only war can do.

I know my view point don’t mean diddly squat in the large scheme of things, I’m no great reviewer or critic but just a regular person who happens to see beyond some people’s antics to see who they truly are.  This doesn’t mean I know Shia in any way shape or form, but still think he is a good guy. I just wanted to give props to Shia for a wonderful performance on Fury and many other shows and thank him for his participation in his music videos to show a different artistic side to him. Thank you for growing and exploring the arts.