A Writing Duo!

We are live and love what DeEtte did with our interview! Wonderfully done and thank you DeEtte!


Two guests this week! Wendy and Charles Siefken are a mother and son writing team with one book published and more works on the way! Thank you for joining me this week, Wendy and Charlie!

Siefken Charlie photoSiefken Wendy photo

What is your genre of choice? Why did you choose this genre?

Our genre of choice is fiction. We love being able to create a world with people and places.

Since you write together, how do you decide what will go into the story?

It’s really very simple, if its Charlie’s story and idea, he has the final say, if it’s mine, I have the final say. We toss around ideas back and forth and decide that way. We are pretty similar in tastes and such but not too similar that we can’t have creative ideas that are different from each other.

Who does the actual typing?

I do the actual typing. I can type…

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