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It’s my pleasure to feature Brad Fleming on my blog today. Brad is the author of Role of Role of Dishonour, a fast paced thriller centered against the back drop of the violent and unsteady times of the “Troubles” in Ireland.

Brad’s novel is an intense look at the human condition, it spotlights the worst and the best of who we are and the great thing for all my blog readers is that for the next week the book is on sale for 99 cents.

 To give you an idea of the flavor of the book I have picked two excerpts for you to enjoy.

 Here is an excerpt from Role of Dishonour:

 “The reason you’re here is because each one of you has a certain talent, a particular expertise which, properly directed and, properly co-ordinated, could have a decisive effect on the situation existing in Ireland at the present time. I must also tell you that, while the prize is great, the risks to each one of us are considerable. I am speaking of physical risks gentlemen. Failure could result in imprisonment for all of us–or even death!”

 *He saw her then–sitting alone on a high stool at the left end of the bar counter. Quite simply, she was the most striking woman he’d seen in a long time. She appeared totally oblivious of his arrival and he found himself stopping involuntarily in order to study her more closely. Dexter was not normally so rude, or so easily impressed, but here was a woman well worthy of a second look.”

 I enjoyed getting to know Brad and I would encourage you to give Role of Dishonour a try. You can’t go wrong at just 99 cents.

 You can connect with Brad on Facebook at

Just how does it feel to see a dream come true?


 It’s a little like holding your first child. Not quite as good, but pretty close. For a start, it took a lot longer to create—and the blood, sweat and tears of its creation were nothing like so pleasurable.

 The satisfaction of finally seeing it in print, however, was special. This was all my own work, a job that didn’t require a partner, although many kind people helped in finally getting it out there.

 Doctors cure patients. Mechanics mend cars. Prospectors seek gold—and sometimes find it. Writers write—and the industrious (and fortunate) ones get to see their book in print. It’s a warm and special feeling, matched only on the day when someone tells you “I’ve just read your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it; couldn’t put it down. When’s the next one due?”