5th and final challenge!


We are in the 5th and final round!

We are in the 5th and final challenge for Writers Got Talent! I am still in the game! would you please go to this link and click on Recommend and also Pin It if you have a Pinterest account? This would be for Kai’s Journey by Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken. Just scroll down the page until you see Kai’s Journey. It would really be appreciated! I can’t thank you all enough for all of your support! Thank you! Just follow the link here http://www.writersgottalent.com/ Would you please pass this along to your friends as well? thank you!

Again, thank you all for your continued support and help in this contest! Keep the votes coming and let others know about this contest! In March there will be another round of Writer’s Got Talent for season two! if you have what it takes and are craving to learn more. Go to the website and join up in March! Watch for further details as the time draws near.