Personal Pain

Personal Pain

I found out today that a very good friend of my son’s from high school passed away last Saturday. I knew this boy and he seemed the happiest kid with the most going for him. My heart breaks for my son and this boy’s family who is mourning the  loss. They hadn’t talked much since high school and now he feels guilty. Before the story we are trying to get republished seemed so important, the contest, the everyday things in life seemed so much bigger. And now, its like nothing. I hugged my son tight today and asked him to please never ever do this thing. No more wreckless living and thinking you are invincible. This child who died was 24 years old, but to me always a smiling young man with a bright future. I know life goes on and it must go on. But for this moment in time, I think it will pause for just a moment and remember this young man whose life was so very short. Hug your children, hug your mom and dad. You never know when will be the last time. I would like to say this was going to be a funny post about the struggles of writing, publishing and marketing, but right now, the pain is so strong and so great it must be dealt with before I can move on. So for now, I leave this with you. If you are prompted to contact an old friend out of the blue, please do so. Even if its been a long time since you have talked. Call them, go see them, text them. Let them know someone is out there that cares. That loves them just the way they are and accepts them, just the way they are. Take care of each other.


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  1. A beautiful post, Wendy…so sad for your friend and for your family. You are absolutely right…we need to let the ones we love know how much they mean to us at every opportunity!

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