Advertising with each other!

Advertising with each other!

On MasterKoda this morning Alivia Anders had a wonderful and compeling idea. I will post the thread and let you all read it and decide for yourselves. I think its a very doable project that we would just have to iron the details out. Let me know what you all think!

I’d like to open the floor to a curious little debate amongst all of us, as I’m trying to garner some information. A little idea hit me on the head this last week, and I wonder why I haven’t seen this sooner. Easily half of the traditionally published books (paperbacks mostly…) on the market have a small cranny of ads in the back of the book, past everything else as to not interrupt reading and usually showcasing new upcoming authors and classic bestsellers under the same house as the book was published under. Out of all the books I’ve bought with ads in the back, over half of them got me to buy another book from those ads, and I’ve almost always been glad I had. My thought was- why do indie/self-published authors not do this? We’re all aiming for exposure and offering to help each other, and this is a huge way. I can’t believe I haven’t seen or met an indie/self pub author who was looking for authors in a similar category for ads in the back of the book, either free or for a small charge like $1.00-$5.00. Am I the only one who’s pondered this?
Here have been the replies thus far!
Bruce Blake I agree, Alivia. I have excerpts in the back of my novel from my upcoming novels, and used to include a free short story. When I originally published, I posted on FB (in my pre-MK days) looking for authorswith whom to do exactly this kind of cross-promo but didn’t get any response. Rather than ads, I was looking to swap excerpts — no cost, just a trade. The nice thing with digital self-publishing is that you can change your content at any time, so if anyone is reading this and wants to get together…

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  • Jane Carroll CowartVery interesting…I’ve never thought about it…sounds like a good technique….

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  • Linda J Alexander Solid idea, Alivia. Many small press/traditional publishers (mine included) do this. If an indy author chose this–I see no legit reason why not–I’d suggest a chg would be based on # of ads which could logically be added in that book, & how many takers. I think an even lower scale might bring in more ads.

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  • Alivia AndersThe reason I say ads more than excerpts, Bruce, is because a single page visual is much more memorable when trying to grab a potential first new reader than an excerpt that requires them to read. But, at the same time one can argue that the excerpt will be more memorable than the picture ad due to the words and cliffhanger that author has offered for the piece to entice with. This is one of those things that has had me scratching my head. Per example, using my end of the book market, I wonder why I don’t have authors like Willow Cross, or even Natalie Star in the back of my books, both digital and print. Big 6 do it all the time- and the know it works, because they’re literally advertising directly to their source of income- people who read! (Plus, they usually stick YA in the back of YA, crime in the back of crime, romance in romance, you get the idea) As an indie author, this would be something highly feasible for us financially if we did it on the low end of things. And not only do we lift ourselves, but we lift each other in the process.

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  • Richard Thomas BanegasAs usual late to the party again. I usually list my novels at the front pages of my book. Not sure how a swap or ad would work, because release dates of ones book may not correspond with another unless there is a central place to go to get that done.But I am game if anyone has a workable idea.

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  • Wendy Siefken You know Alivia Anders, you may possibly be the only one who has thought of this, I can’t think of anyone else who has mentioned this. Its a wonderful idea though! how can we get this started? I am in and I know others who would gladly join in just to get exposure. I will help spread the word

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  • Wendy SiefkenI would love to do an add in the back of YA books, just to help get exposure! and would love to showcase others to help them get exposure too,

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  • Wendy Siefkenin the ebook we could put links to other books, like we do with the createspace e-book store, I know we can put hyperlinks to chapters, why not hyperlink adds to showcase other books? a picture with a two line sentence to grab the reader? nothing big, just a small blurb.

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  • Wendy Siefken I think the reason no indie’s have done it is because we aren’t organized and the whole indie thing is still relatively new. I think its a wonderful idea and I am going to keep this on top so that others see it too. Thank you Alivia Anders!

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