A small preview of the 2nd book of Kai’s Journey

Please remember that this is only a small taste, just to let you know we are working on the 2nd installment of Kai’s Journey. It hasn’t been edited yet so no critiquing at this point please! lol,

He’s waking, Kai is waking!” A voice said close by.


A man lay on a bed bandaged, battered and bruised. Groggily he felt as if every part of his body was either sore or stiff. Gingerly he tried moving his arms and legs. He felt that his left leg was bound in some sort of splint. His head ached as if he had drunk way to much liquor the night before. Smells came to him strong and sure. He smelled her before he even opened his eyes. She had a scent of earth, musky and loamy with a subtle hint of a spring shower in wild flower field. He could also smell something like the smell you get when striking a match. The smell wasn’t quite as strong but there none the less.


Something is wrong, He doesn’t know.” Again he heard the voice. Through dry cracked lips he asked,


“What’s wrong? Who doesn’t know what?” The man on the bed opened his eyes and looked around at the strange surroundings.