Our Interview with Doug Simpson!

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Doug Simpson is a retired high school teacher who has turned his talents to writing. His first novel, a spiritual mystery titled Soul Awakening, was published in the United States in October of 2011, by Book Locker. It is available in print and eBook format through most book stores around the world. His magazine and website articles have been published in 2010 and 2011 in Australia, Canada, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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It was our pleasure to interview Doug and get the chance to know more about him and how he came to be a writer. Doug has continued to work even after he has retired. He just moved on to a new adventure! So get comfortable and please give a warm welcome to Doug!

1.     What makes for a good hook in your stories? Where does your inspiration come from?
I believe that the best hook is the cover of our books, and I am thrilled with the cover of Soul Awakening.  In my stories, my hook is the notion of reincarnation. I believe many people are closet reincarnationists but are reluctant to admit it to those who have not indicated any interest in the subject, for fear of ridicule. This group of millions of individuals provides an enormous potential readership for Soul Awakening.

Inspiration! That is a bit of a long story. I spent a number of years studying the archived readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce. Edgar gave over 15,000 psychic readings in a self-induced, trance-like state. The vast majority of the readings were medical readings where the unconscious Edgar diagnosed medical problems, many of which the medical doctors could not locate or identify. Often he would prescribe treatments and/or medications, some of which had not yet been invented by man.

The second largest group of readings were life or reincarnation readings, and it was this group of reading that kept me spellbound. I eventually began writing articles, using the Edgar Cayce readings as reference material, about historical characters or events like Martha Washington, Mary Magdalene, and Stonehenge, to name a few. Visitors to my website at http://dousimp.mnsi.net are forwarded to the various magazines and websites where they can read my articles.

My extensive knowledge of reincarnation obtained from the Edgar Cayce readings, and a number of other authors, gave me the necessary background to write Soul Awakening, along with some special guidance from interested souls on the-other-side.

2.     Are you an organized writer? Do you do things like take notes and make lists of characters? Or do you free write and work it out as you go?

I would say I am both. I must take meticulous care to make sure the genealogies in my stories are accurate so I keep detailed records. As far as the development of the story goes, I go with the flow and this is where my guidance from the-other-side keeps me honest and sometimes sends me welcome surprises.

3.     What is your normal writing day like? Do you write when you are inspired or do you have a schedule?

Because I am retired on an adequate pension, I can pretty much write anytime I like.

4.     Who is your favorite author and how did they inspire you to write?

My favorite fictional author has to be Dan Brown. I have all of his books. I suppose the most significant inspiration I received from reading his work was the unanticipatable action. Keep the reader wondering what is going to happen next and you keep them reading ‘just one more chapter.’

5.     It’s easy to see that you have a passion for writing but is there any part of it you don’t like?

The promotion! I would much rather write than promote.

6.     Do you make time to read and if you do what are you reading right now?

When I am wrapped-up in writing, or promoting, it is difficult for me to concentrate or reading much else, so no, I am not reading anything right now.

7.     What is the inspiration for your unique writing style? Is there personal life experience in the writing?

I have explained my inspiration in Question 2. As for the second part of the question, yes, I have used a lot of my personal experiences in Soul Awakening.

8.     Your books have been published with Amazon.com. Does this mean you see the publishing industry headed this way?

Actually, Soul Awakening was published by Book Locker, and may be purchased in print or eBook format from Amazon and most other bookstores around the world. As for the future direction for publishing, I think that it is inevitable that print-book sales will decrease and eBook sales will increase.

9.     Do you have any online sites where others can read more of your writings?
My website, mentioned earlier, will lead visitors to the actual websites and magazines where my articles can be read. There are twelve chapters of Soul Awakening available in the public domain at authonomy.com and also on http://www.downrightfiction.com/.

10.       Do you have any more stories in the works? What kinds of stories do you plan to write next?

I have completed book two and three in what I have started calling, unofficially of course, the Dacque Chronicles, and have begun the fourth installment.

11.    Who would be your first choice to play Dacque LaRose of your book?

That is a tough question, but I guess it would be Jeff Bridges.

12.    If you could meet anyone from any time, who would it be and what would be your first question?

I would have loved to have lived and known Jesus in Palestine. The question that I would love to know the answer to would be: How would the world be different if Adam had not succumbed to the tempting influences of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden?